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A Thermal Battery with superior performance

for various heating applications

Product Description

Current solutions for low to mid temperature thermal storage (40⁰C - 150⁰C) suffer from low thermal efficiency, high ROI, low heat density, safety issues & short durability. 

Therma Sphera’s TS-cell is the world’s most efficient & compact thermal storage system, for industrial and commercial purposes.


TS-cells is safer, environmentally friendly and thanks to the PCM properties, the most energy efficient and cost effective heat storage solution. 


Patented innovation – novel Phase Change Material incorporated into a flexible matrix with high latent heat storage capacity and scalable manufacturing process.

P.C.M is a substance with a high heat of fusion which, when melted and solidifyed at a certain temperature, is capable of storing and releasing large amounts of energy. This superior elastic PCM matrix, produced as industrial elements in any shape, offers significant advantages over any other existing PCM for medium temperature applications.

The first ever stable matrix PCM for energy storage applications, with no encapsulation needed, enables overcoming all PCM disadvantages, and conforms to all the Desirable Characteristics & Criteria.

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